Venous and
Dialysis Access

Increased comfort and reduced anxiety for patients who need frequent treatments.

Venous access provides reliable sites where the bloodstream can be easily accessed each time, without the need for repeated deep needle sticks.

Dialysis access makes lifesaving kidney failure treatments possible, via a surgically-created vein that is used to remove and return blood during hemodialysis.


Our surgeons at Northwest Vascular Consultants have a great deal of experience in implanting venous access devices, which offer several advantages over regular IV lines:

Less irritation and blood clots in the vein, reduced inflammation and vein scarring, increased comfort and reduced anxiety for patients who require frequent venous access.


There are three major types of venous access: arteriovenous fistula, arteriovenous graft, and venous catheter. The majority of venous accesses are created in the arm (usually the non-dominant arm) but they can also be created in the leg.

Your surgeon will discuss the recommended option for your needs, and discuss the procedure with you prior to treatment.


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